Integrate the process of protection, conservation and regeneration of natural resources Assist in establishment and growth of a vibrant and professionally competent voluntary sector in the state.

People provide money for all types of social causes, Bill Gates and Melinda Gates from Microsoft have donated 29 billion dollars to charity. Warren Buffet from Wall Street has donated over 30 billion. Together they have started a group called ”THE GIVING PLEDGE” which has several billionaires who have joined the group, promising to give over half of their entire wealth to charity. Thus, we must work on both ends to encourage people to think of social causes and to give in charity, but also to help build and support organizations that can use that money.” All we can carry with us is our good deeds. Mohammad (PBUH) said the best of you is he who benefits humanity”. The concept of social services in Islam is very vast removing a small stone from footpath to serving the living bodies, but unfortunately we don’t follow it practically. We will be asked before the Almighty Allah about the availability of resources and their proper utilization. May Almighty Allah accept our small initiatives for this world and hereafter?