Promote monitor and improve the practice standards and ideals of social work in the State of J&K.

By getting to know one another and building trust among people who want to work for the sake of Almighty Allah come here together to build something bigger than themselves. A great thing for our learning is that American Muslims are in minority in USA, a lot of their institutions are associated with Islamic community centers that is imparting the religious roles of providing space for worship and social services. They have Organizations like ISLAMIC SOCIETY OF NORTH AMERICA (ISNA), MSA and other similar organizations at the center of Muslim Social Work. In the USA while 95% of households donate to charities and about 25% volunteers their time. This is the system in developed countries. Top universities in USA are non-profit institutions like Harvard rely less on tuition and more on donations and endowments. This allows them to keep their admission open to even the poorest students to whom they can provide financial aid if they qualify. The main library on Harvardís campus which is the largest university library in the USA was built completely by the donation of a mother, who lost her son in the drowning of the titanic in the early 1990ís