Medical Assistance

01.               Parveena Bano

               Widow of: Ab Ahad Dar.

               Resident of: Narkara Budgam.

Parveena Bano is living a miserable life with her 05 members of the family. Her husband was a labour by profession and somehow was able to feed his family which consists of 06 members including him. The income of the family is very low as there is no one in the family who is able to earn. The expenses are higher than the income. On few occasions the local community is providing some cash which is not even long lasting for a week. Parveena Bano is supporting her family by doing odd jobs like cleaning of houses, utensils etc. of people.


Story in her own words:

We were living a difficult life already, but it got worse when my husband died leaving behind 05 members of the family. We have no source of income as my children were very young. We are totally dependent on our relatives and the local community. Recently I was detected Covid positive, but I don’t have money to purchase medicines for myself.

Impact of HET:

An application of the family was received by HET office on 30-04-2021. The application was signed by a member of the local community of the village which was confirming the miserable condition of the family. HET officials verified the case by visiting the village and then a cheque was issued to the family under emergency medical support. Also 02 children of the family were linked to an organisation for a monthly educational scholarship program. The children were sponsored by the organisation on the reference of HET.