Case Study : Yasmeena Beigum

Name: Yasmeena Beigum

Residence: Braripora,Khansahab,Budgam


Yasmeena Beigum 24 years old a widow is passing her hard days of life in Braripora,Khansahab area of district Budgam. She is living in a miserable condition since the death of her husband as her husband died while collecting firewood from a tree as he fell from a height and lost his battle of survival . She has three children namely Jibran Ahmad Mir 05 years old ,Moomin Ahmad Mir 04 years age and Hadiya 02 years old. She is the only care taker of her family. She has no source of income as her livelihood is totally dependent on relative and community.

Story in her own Words.

I have gone through several tragedies as I lost my husband. Since last two years I have lived a life of a widow. I am 24 years old now living with my three children, I try so hard to keep my family together but it is apparent that there are some issues which I am not able to fulfill. Being a single care taker I have not enough resources to fulfill the requirements of my children. My husband died just after 04 years of marriage. Since the day my husband died life became more challenging for me. I approached all govt. officials but they never cooperated. During this cruel span of time my relatives tried hard to run the livelihood of my family but with the passage of time there was no concern from them as they have their own responsibilities. Due to which her pursuit for finding respectable livelihood is hampered resulting in the pathetic condition of the family.

Impact of the Project

Donations and some contributions in kind from the neighborhood is keeping the family still intact and alive. The mohalla committee recently recommended the name to Humanitarian Emergency Trust to support the family in distressing times. On spot one time support in terms of food kit has been provided by Humanitarian Emergency Trust from Emergency relief Program and also the family has been linked by the organization to “Integrated Child Protection Scheme”. In addition to this the field team and representatives from HET namely Bilal Ahmad and Zahoor Ahmad Wani analyzed the whole situation of family and selected the household for Sponsorship so that the family could live a respectable life. Since, this family is living in an area where there are so many child protection issues like child drop out/ never enrolled, child marriage, child labor and malnutrition and the education of the children of this family is in risk, because of poverty and no source of income. So keeping in view the situation, the family is covered under sponsorship program where in three children of this family have been covered under the education scheme of Organization. Under this scheme family is getting Rs.1000/-per month as educational support to the family.