Case Study : Hari Krishan Koul

Name: Hari Krishan Koul

Residence: Lavidoora Kazigund Anathnag


Hari Krishan Koul (52),S/O: Jhon Ki Nath Koul a resident of mohalla Lavidoora,Kazigund always found it difficult to make both ends meet. His family comprises of his wife (Babi Koul), two daughters (Meenakshi Koul,Saroochi Koul) and two sons (Susheel Koul and Roohit Koul) . The family had lived in poverty and indebtedness for a long and Hari Krishan Koul had to continuously keep on looking for daily labour to earn his living. Hari Krishan Koul’s health started deteriorating reducing him unfit to work as a labourer. He kept on utilizing the opportunity to work whenever possible to support his family. Due to poor health, the labour days became less frequent and it affected the family directly. Hari Krishan battled his life in his home for some time, but eventually the struggle for life came to an end, as he breathed his last moment. But the bulk of dependence now rested on the wife’s shoulders of Bubli koul, who was the ultimate ray of hope for her family. She handled the challenges manfully, and helped her family to be worry free. But this summer of life for this family was very short-lived.

And when health of Bubli became a concern, it added to their problems. After the illness of Bubli koul the family was in a psychological distress round the clock. But it was a fateful day 0f 2017, when tragedy struck the family that left them devastated. The only hope of the family was no more, and the poor family was jolted by the storm of grief that snatched everything from their life. Meenakshi Koul,Daughter of Bubli could hardly resist bearing the shocking death of her mother. It was now the neighbour’s that came forward to perform the last rituals of the family. Meenakshi Koul,Daughter of Bubli is in trauma denying the brutal reality of the death of her dear one. While the government promised to provide some assistance, but till now nothing concrete has been done so far. The family is now dependent on the support provided by the locals especially the neighbor’s. How long this kind gesture will sustain, is to be seen in the future. May be, the family will resume to normal functioning sooner or later.

Donations and some contributions in kind from the neighborhood is keeping the family still intact and alive. The mohalla committee recently recommended the name to Humanitarian Emergency Trust to support the family in distressing times. On spot Rs. 5000/- package for one time was provided by Humanitarian Emergency Trust Kashmir from Emergency relief Progamme.

In addition to this the field team and representatives from HET namely syed Kousar Attiq,Bilal Ahmad and syed mushtaq analyzed the whole situation of family and selected the household for Sponsorship so that the family could live a respectable life. Since, this family is living in an area where there are so many child protection issues like child drop out/ never enrolled, child marriage and child labor and the education of the children of this family is in risk, because of poverty and no source of income. So keeping in view the situation, the family is covered under sponsorship program where in three children of this family have been covered under the education scheme of Organization. Under this scheme family is getting assistance per month as educational support to the family.