Case Study : Saja Beigum

Name: Saja Beigum

W/O: Late Bashir Ahmad Malik

Residence: Shunglipora Khag

Saja Beigum(42 years) is an unfortunate woman who become a widow in her young age in 2017 and has three kids to feed(Bilal Ahmad 16 years), Mohammad Amin(11 ),Mohammad Asif(08) years old. All her children were reading at the time when the main breadwinner died due to unfortunate incident when he was collecting fire wood from the tree and instantly fell from a height and died on the spot. The livelihood of the family has been adversely effected due to the death of house head who was an occasionally labor. The family has no land of their own and has one story kaccha home comprising of only two rooms. After the death of Bashir Ahmad, Saja struggled hard and is doing labor work in her neighborhood to fulfill the daily needs of her children particularly their education and other means but she is not managing it at all.

Saja narrates the whole story in a span of time with field teams;-

In 2017 I recall that day when I was sitting with my children and suddenly people ran towards a spot where my husband was lying in pool of blood. I found that people were carrying my injured husband who according to some witnesses had fallen from a tree and they were trying to take him hospital but he succumbed to his injuries on the way to hospital and with his death my whole life shattered as our livelihood got totally affected as he was only the breadwinner for the family and my father in law has gone in a severe psychological manifestation that ultimately lead him to death. Now I am struggling very hard to meet the expenses of my family by doing the laboring in my native village but I cannot fulfill all needs and deeds because all my children are studying. I barrowed 20000/= from my relatives till date. A ray I felt when the field team of Humanitarian Emergency Trust met me at right time for support and supported me in an endeavor to educate my children without any hassle. 

Impact of the Project

Saja was given MONTHLY BAASED livelihood support and education of children under the banner of Humanitarian Emergency Trust , through this support she is now taking benefits and trying to cope with the tragedy that had be fallen upon her . After the follow-up of our field team, the family of Saja is looking satisfy to run her day to day needs and field team also observe that the family has come out from the psychosocial distress.