Case Study : Irfan Ahamad Sofi

Name: Irfan Ahamad Sofi


Residence: JABLIPORA

Age: 10 Years


Irfan was injured during 2016 unrest when he was playing football with his friends. The Indian forces in an attempt to quell the agitated protesters fired tear gas shell on his head. He was in comma for more than five months in SKIMS hospital as his major portion of the skull got damaged thereby caused severe damage to his brain and since then he is paralyzed and undergoing treatment. Unfortunately his family had gone through another great tragedy as he lost his father due to cancer. They sold many valuable things and took loan from their relatives and neighbors amounting to INR.150000 for the treatment of their son. In the aftermath of losing a father, who in this case was a breadwinner in the family, many children are left to solely fend for their families but in this case the child is in itself in danger of losing the battle to get better treatment for his injury.

Impact of the Project

As the district representatives of Humanitarian Emergency Trust are continuously tracking this family and have supported the family on priority basis. Besides this the team has done several follow ups and thereby linked the family with other local NGO’s but the requirements are much more as the family is without any livelihood and irfan needs continuous support in terms of money so that he could continue his treatment. Further the family needs to be supported in terms of generating sustainable livelihood so that they could continue to thrive for his treatment and could live a respectable life. “Widows are among the vulnerable groups and we as an organization do counselling and advocacy for them with the aim of seeing them live a better life. We do this by approaching our partners who can help donate and render support in various forms and same is going to be done for this family also and linkage is one of the component of our objective.