Humanitarian Emergency Trust

Humanitarian Emergency Trust emerged as a movement of professionals of social workers of J&k, in the field having noble cause and working for the welfare. Organization have a vast experience in the field of social sector, a good team of professionals, who have successfully completed the projects since 2006 in different organization’s in J&K.

Almost twenty years of unrest in Jammu and Kashmir has caused immense damage to the lives of children and their families, affecting their survival, protection, development and opportunities to participate actively in their communities, as well as their parents’ abilities to care for them. The conflict continues to pose a serious threat to civilians, jeopardizing their personal safety, economic security and emotional and social wellbeing. An estimated 100,000 people have died, leaving behind scores of orphaned girls and boys. This adversely affected the economic, social and psychological aspect of the lives of the people, the education and the social duties suffered equally. In this situation Humanitarian Emergency Trust built a mechanism of volunteers in J&K aimed to have a special focus at building the capacities of local community based structures like child protection committees/Baitul Maals and make awareness among the general masses and help the down trodden sections of society. People in far flung areas are living in miserable and pathetic condition. They have no stable source of income. Majority of the people suffer from many psychosocial problems, distress and trauma.

Humanitarian Emergency Trust has helped establish and train a network of Child Protection Committees (CPCs) and Children’s Groups for Development (CGs). The CPCs are ensuring that all orphans and children of underprivileged families are protected and monitored within their villages rather than being sent to orphanages. The community-based mechanism is also mobilising local resources to respond to the needs of orphans and children of underprivileged families, helping many families and children on a monthly basis. The support varies depending upon the needs of the families, including provision of food rations and household items and support for large expenditures such as the weddings of orphaned girls and one time livelihood rehabilitation programme. This is one of the great achievements of the programme to date.

Trust has done a great job for the proper guidance, facilitation and reconstruction of local community based structures. Trust has provided seed money to different communities and sensitize people about the local resources and utilization of these resources. Trust is also compiling the most sensitive beneficiaries list from different NGO’s and other Orphanages and these beneficiaries are linking properly at proper places. Therefore Organization has mandated the process of coordination, Cooperation, Information sharing, training and linkages.

Trust has close coordination with different Govt. and Non Govt. stakeholders for the awareness of emergencies and new tactics of handling the same situations.